Angelina Jolie Stealthily Dating Jared Leto?

Angelina who have been recently interviewed by BBC World News regarding her well-publicized divorce with Brad Pitt, is now setting social media and headlines ablaze as news of the famous actress dating Jared Leto comes in.

Angelina Jolie Turns To Jared Leto For Comfort Regarding Her Split With Brad Pitt

Angelina who have decided to get a divorce from ex-husband, Brad Pitt, last September is now getting attention for an alleged connection with actor Jared Leto. According to recent reports, Angelina is leaning to Jared Leto for comfort and solace after her divorce with then husband, Brad Pitt. The unknown source also stated that Jared and Angelina have seen each other several times and added that Angelina reveres how Jared makes her feel better and exceptional about herself.

There have also been reports that Suicide Squad star, Jared allegedly admitted that he had a "very casual" relationship with Angelina Jolie years ago. Apparently, Jared is too much of a "lady's man" hence the relationship did not progress into a more serious and committed bond.

"It might have turned into more but Jared was too noncommittal at the time, he just wasn't ready to be with one woman, not even Angelina. Then Brad came on the scene and she fell in love and that was that." reports stated

Angelina Leaning To Jared For Solace Isn't True

According to a report in Gossip Cop, speculations of Angelina Jolie turning to Suicide Squad star, Jared Leto isn't "true" at all. Although there have been tons of reports revolving around the two famous icons and their personal connection, stories even getting to the extent wherein Angelina and Jared's theorized relationship might be going up a notch, a reliable source for Gossip Cop stated that the allegations are absolutely "not true" and "false."

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