Nintendo Switch Teardown Surfaces Online

Someone got hold of a Nintendo Switch and tore it down. At least that's what it looks like after images of what is claimed to be the insides of the hybrid console surfaced online.

The series of pictures, which has the watermark of a Chinese company that makes game parts, do not show any solid proof that it is indeed the Nintendo Switch. However, some hints were provided. The battery in the images, for example, clearly shows that it measures 4310 mAh which is the same with what the Switch will actually use. The problem with the battery in the leaked images is that it has the supplier's name on it instead of Nintendo's. The Japanese gaming company usually puts its brand name on its products' batteries so this is a point of contention for those saying the images are fake or at least not of the Nintendo Switch.

The size of the fan in the images also corresponds with the size of the cartridge slot of the Switch. Ribbons can also be seen where the Joy-Con controllers and the system "meet" in portable mode. According to Ars Technica, the images also hint that the Nintendo Switch will have a custom SoC with a Maxwell revision 2 architecture. The Tegra-based NVIDIA graphics processor in the images has 'UDNX02-A2' printed on it sparking some talk that the 'NX' corresponds to the Switch's codename during its development. It also has the capacity for at least 6GB of RAM.

The said images of the teardown first surfaced on Feb. 19 a day or two after a NeoGaf user named Hiphoptherobot uploaded a video of an actual Nintendo Switch which was supposedly delivered a couple of weeks earlier than expected. As it turns out, the Switch unit was stolen by employees of a U.S. distributor who have since been caught and are now facing criminal charges. Nintendo also noted that the stolen merchandise has since been recovered so the Switch taken apart in the images could not be among the stolen loot.

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