Indie Game "Typoman" Relase Date Revealed

The Indie game developer Brainseed Factory proudly announces the release of their acclaimed puzzle game Typoman on February 21st, as the official worldwide release date. The game was recently launched onto Xbox One and widely recognized as one of the most unique indie game titles to hit the market in 2016.

The game Typoman is one of the independent games that became successful in Wii platform, but not on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, due to larger catalogs of independent game developments. This week a sudden change happened when the game Typoman announced that the game will be released for the Microsoft and Sony consoles. For now, the confirmed launch dates are for North America, February 21, which can be played on PlayStation 4, and on February 25 for Xbox One consoles. It also seems that the game is available for reservation, but in selected territories only.

The Typoman game is characterized by using the letters as tools to overcome the game levels. The enemies and traps that await the players, as well as the in-game platforms . Objects are also made up of words which can be manipulated by means of anagrams or by looking in any way that will allow the player to advance through the creation and destruction of the environment. Players may need to widen their vocabulary and strengthen their English skills because the game will utilize these aspects greatly.

Typoman earned a lot of awards and the game offers cool features that will surely give its players that "fun while learning" experience when playing the game, which makes the Typoman definitely worth the grab.

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