Skyrim Best Secret Tips And Tricks For Thieves

Do you like the comfort of darkness and shadows whenever you play Skyrim? Chances are you are a thief, and YouTuber ESO has compiled a list of secret tips and tricks that will definitely help thieves in Skyrim and here they are.

Lockpicking. Locks are everywhere in Skyrim. They are in homes, dungeons, and chests and unless the player has a considerable amount of lockpicks and patience, some might opt to just leave these locks alone. One tip ESO shared is to hold a torch in one hand while picking the lock, it makes lockpicking easier. This might be recommended for dungeons, and not in cities, where guards are present. They might spot the player holding the torch.

Another tip is to pay attention to the direction where the pick breaks when lockpicking. The pick breaks toward the direction of the lock's sweet spot. This makes it easier to unlock.

Shadowmarks. If reading is not the player's cup of tea, it's possible that he'd never heard of the Shadowmarks before. These marks or symbols can be found outside the houses in the city, and they tell thieves whether the house has something worth stealing or if the house is empty. Shadowmarks make the life of a thief easier since they wouldn't have to bother scouring the inside for loot all the time.

Treasure Maps. Skyrim has treasure maps scattered with drawings in them that lead to a treasure chest. There are ten maps to collect in total, and the player needs to find them before the treasure chest appears.

Over encumbered. There are several ways to bypass being over-encumbered in Skyrim. Riding a horse while encumbered will make fast travel available. Alternatively, players can use followers to carry all the stuff they have.

Followers Can Lockpick. If somehow the player is struggling with lockpicking, they can make their follower pick the lock for them. Simply give their follower a lockpick, and then ask them to do something like picking the lock. It's important to note that some followers, like Lydia, will not steal for the player, but a thief or a Dark Brotherhood follower will.

Stolen Goods. Stolen goods will not be returned if the player goes to prison. A good way of keeping these stolen goods is to put them in a barrel where they could stay for three days and the player can go to prison then. Before selling the stolen goods, finding the local beggar and giving him 1 Gold will give the player the Gift of Charity perk. It increases Speech by 10 points for 1 hour. The player will now be able to sell these items for a higher price.

Pickpocketing. There is a way to master pickpocketing easily. Firstly, get the Cutpurse perk from the Pickpocket Skill Tree and then the Blackguard Boots which can be obtained from Glover Mallory's basement after recovering the bone mold formula for him.

Daylight Robbery. ESO says this is the ultimate thieving tip in his list. If the player wants to steal a shop during the day, they can find a basket, pick it up and place it over the shopkeeper's head. This will help the player steal all the clothes in the shop, including the merchant's pockets, without being seen.

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