Top Resident Evil 7 Moments That Freaked The Players Out

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard had its success after its release and has been in a lot of gamer's hands for a while. Most of the players had already finished the game and had seen the horrific scenes that the game gave to its players. Now, it is time to turn back and commemorate the horrifying moments.

The Cop

After agreeing to meet the cop who investigates the Baker house, while talking to him, Jack emerges from behind then plants a shovel into his head removing the top half of his skull as Jack pulls it out. This scene leads to the game's first encounter, a close quarter battle against Jack wherein the best thing to do is to run him over with his car then blast away his corpse.

The Happy Birthday

The best sequence of the entire game is the Lucas segment, where Ethan viewed the VHS tape of the Clancy, the Sewer Gators Cameraman, which was trapped in a saw-like puzzle that has been set by Lucas.

The Cameraman Clancy needs to light a birthday cake with a candle while avoiding obstacles, but as he reached the end, the cake exploded, mixing with some spilled oil, which burned Cameraman Clancy to death. Now, Ethan needs to repeat the trap while avoiding the oil to survive the explosion at the end. The environment was filled with excrement, creepy robot clowns, and trippy barn fight against the fat member of the molded.

The Family Dinner

After the game's prologue, Ethan was knocked out by Jack and was brought to the table for their dinner. One of the  scenes here is when the player was tied up and introduced to Lucas and Marguerite, who are eating the disgusting stuff on the table. Suddenly,Jack slices Lucas' arm off as blood spurts from the stump.

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