Bee Population Decline Can Be Issue For Crop Production

Bees are important in the ecosystem. Bees help in pollination aa well as the propagation of vegetation. The bee population decline can be an issue for crop production.

Bee population is dropping in many areas in the US. Many of the areas are key to farm and crop productions. The continued decline in bee population can be a problem for many farms later on.

The study is the first to show the decline of the bee population and its relation to US farming and crop production. The study has been presented by Taylor Ricketts at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Ricketts is a conservation ecologist at the University of Vermont.

The study has shown 139 counties that are affected by the bee population decline. These counties are from California, the Great Plains, West Texas and other areas. The places specified are areas where specialty crops are grown. Some of these crops are almond, apples and blueberries. Other crops mentioned are soybeans, canola and cotton.

Many of the crops are dependent on pollinators like bees. These crops are apples, peaches, watermelons and others. These crops are in areas where bee populations are declining fast.

Much of the decline of bee population could be attributed to a decline in habitat, according to Science Daily. Many of the bee habitats have been turned into crop and farm lands. Other factors that affect bees are pesticide and diseases.

Bees are one of the pollinators for plants. Wild bees contribute greatly to crop pollination, as explained by study author and UVM postdoctoral researcher Insu Koh. Seven researchers created the map where wild bee populations are declining, as Phys Org reports. A bee habitat model was also created that shows the population of wild bees in key areas in the US.

Bees are important to the ecosystem. They serve as pollinators to many plants. Bee population decline can be an issue for crop production. Recently a six-legged robot has been made that is faster than natural ones.

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