‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Spoilers, Updates: Michael Coming Back But No Reunion With Sara?

Fans who have long been waiting for "Prison Break" season 5 will be happy to know that its first episode will be released in about two months. Since they already know from the leaks that Michael is still alive, they are also eagerly waiting for a possible reunion with his wife. But some spoilers indicate that they may not get what they want.

Upcoming Season Is Set In A War-Torn Country

Most of the original cast of the previous season will reprise their roles in "Prison Break" season 5. Spoilers for the upcoming series also suggest that the setting of the story will be mostly in far-away Yemen. Apparently, this is where Michael will resurface after his supposed death in season four of the hit TV series.

Lincoln Learns That His Brother Is Still Alive

Lincoln will learn that his brother Michael is still alive, but is held up in the Ogygia Prison, somewhere in war-torn Yemen. There is no information as to how Michael came back to life in "Prison Break" season 5 after his supposed "death" in season four. He probably faked his death to save his family from trouble.

Why A Michael-Sarah Reunion Is Questionable

Upon the announcement that there will be "Prison Break" season 5, avid fans of the show assumed that Michael will reunite with his wife Sara. But later on, some leaks came out indicating that Sara has already re-married. When the show returns, she will have a new husband which will bring to question her reunion with Michael.

There are also some "Prison Break" season 5 spoilers that suggest Michael has already changed. In season 5, Michael will be called Kaniel Outis, his new name in Yemen. He will also be portrayed as having deep connections with the ISIS terrorist group.

How Will Michael Come Back To Life?

Fans will also recall that he sacrificed himself in last season's finale. In addition, he was also suffering from a brain tumor that makes his death a likely possibility in the previous season. When season 5 returns, it will be interesting how the showrunners will bring Michael 'back to life.' "Prison Break" season 5 is set to launch on April 4, 2017, on FOX.

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