Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Update Patch Out Now

Owners of PS4 Pro can now enjoy a much improved frame rate in Final Fantasy XV. The new FFXV update now has an increased frame rate mode. It also introduces limited time quests. The level cap is also raised to 120.

The new Final Fantasy 15 patch also allows players to take more photos by using Prompto’s camera. Riding Chocobos will also be more fun as players can now listen to music while riding them.  Last November, Square Enix said that there will be two modes that come with the new patch. One will offer 1080p 60 FPS and one aiming for 4k/30 FPS. Whether the targets were reached is yet to be confirmed by the gaming company.

In addition, Final Fantasy’s XV’s Booster Pack + DLC the expansion contains three new combat items. Dragon Drain which is a fishing rod slows fish down to catch them more easily. Avior is a reel that pulls fish in with greater strength and Ragnarok is a powerful one-handed sword. A Booster Pack which is a free content update will launch at a later date, as published by GameSpot.

On the other side of things, with the new patch that was released, the options of Lite and High modes were retained but they do not do the same things as before. The Lite mode runs in 1080 just like before but now with an unlocked frame rate. It was found however that the frame rate hovers between 40 to 50 fps range.

The High mode does not appear to be much better than before. Square Enix reportedly has not fixed the frame pacing and is very jerky, according to Digital Foundry. Digital Foundry found that in some ways, the new patch actually feels like a regression rather than a desirable upgrade. They remarked that at this point, Final Fantasy XV runs smoother on Xbox One and PS4, as reported by Polygon.

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