Julian Assange Explains Why He Loves Fake News

WikiLeaks´ leader Julian Assange recently confessed his love or for the fake news´ phenomenon, since he believes this is something that really benefits the pro-transparency organization, considering the way in which many people have lost their faith in some traditional media, and it gives more credit to WikiLeaks´ disclosures in the past years.

Classified Material Instead Of Fake News

During a discussion in Sidney, via videolink from the Ecuadorean embassy in London, Julian Assange explained that he´s really happy that the fake news´ narrative ended up defining the rhetoric of U.S. president Donald Trump and his consistent attacks on mainstream media. While WikiLeaks´ credibility remains out of the question because of the facts that far from making a story, the organization just published classified material.

Also, Julian Assange claimed that while anyone is reading a newspaper article, these people are reading weaponised texts which main purpose is to affect a person, while his organization´s disclosures as the John Podesta´s emails or the Yemen files, doesn't contain any kind of "pre-weaponised knowledge." In fact, he assured that he knew how to determine what was going to happen when he noticed that the fake news´s narrative came out and was then taken off effectively by a specific media,

Julian Assange Compares WikiLeaks With The Rebel Library Of Alexandria

Getting to this point, Julian Assange told that the special thing about WikiLeaks is that in addition to not displaying fake news, the organization is not just another story, or another journalist advertising themselves and their respective position on another story. Actually, he expressed that the real beauty of WikiLeaks is that it represents a treasure in a sea of information, the rebel library of Alexandria where everyone can go to and escape a fake news.

As reported in a previous article, Julian Assange´s asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy is now in a serious threat, given the fact that Ecuador´s presidential candidates are planning to end this political service. Of course, it remains unclear what could happen with him and with his organization.

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