HTC One HDR Microphone Disappears From Specs After Nokia Injunction

HTC has removed any mention of HDR microphones from the specs sheet of its flagship phone, the HTC One.

The company likely made the move after Nokia tried to issue a ban over the smartphone's sales in the Netherlands because the product contained the HDR Microphone. The injunction was brought by Nokia against STMmicroelectrics, a Finnish manufacturer, and stated the same dual-membrane microphone is used in both companies' phones, the Lumia 720 and HTC One.  Nokia says it signed a 12-month exclusivity deal with the chipmaker after co-developing and designing the component, according to GSMarena.

According to the Engadget, STMicroelectronics thought the deal was only six months long. A preliminary ban issued by an Amsterdam court was lifted just a day after the injunction, as the judge said HTC had no knowledge of the contract with Nokia.

If you've already got an HTC One, there's no need to worry. The company has been proactive in the matter and is using up existing supplies of the STM stock. It will then put in an "improved" microphone instead of the one manufactured by STM, it says.

HTC says:

In light of several misleading stories regarding a recent injunction obtained by Nokia against STM (a supplier of components to HTC in The Netherlands) HTC looks to clarify the following points:

• Nokia has NOT obtained an injunction in The Netherlands, or anywhere else, against the HTC One.
• The Dutch proceedings were brought by Nokia solely against STM. HTC was not sued by Nokia in the Netherlands.
• The Dutch injunction prohibits STM from selling certain microphones to any company other than Nokia for a limited period.
• The judgment against STM states that HTC can continue to use microphones already purchased from STM in its products, because they were purchased in good-faith. Nokia's attempt to obtain a recall of microphones already sold to HTC failed.
• HTC will transition to improved microphone designs once its inventory of STM microphones is exhausted.

So why bother taking the microphone off the specs sheet? HTC might just want to be safe. The company may also have found a new supplier for the component.

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