Thousands Of Demonstrators Piled Up In The Streets Of US For The ‘Not My President Day’

United States of America has just celebrated the "President's Day". However, the supposed to be celebration turned out as a big demonstration and protest against President Donald Trump's administration. Demonstrations were held in different parts of America including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other communities which comprise of citizens from all walks of life..

Thousands Have Gathered To Protest Against The Trump Regime

Number of groups have gathered on Monday and used "President's Day" celebration and turned it to "Not my President's Day". Protesters have gathered near Columbus Circle, the place where the Trump International Hotel and Tower as well as the Statue of Christopher Columbus stands to let the Trump Organization listen to their cries of wanting Trump to go and leave office as current President of the United States.

Huge number of protesters were also seen at the Central Park in Manhattan chanting "No ban, no wall. The Trump regime has got to fall." According to one of the New York Organizers, the President Day is the best day to protest against Donald Trump.

On the other hand, people from Los Angeles has also organized protests against the current administration, demonstrations were held in line with the immigration ban as well as the administration's response to climate change. They also stated that protest is being done to glorify the past Presidents who have allowed them to exercise their right to express themselves thru demonstrations and protests peacefully.

Protesters Made Themselves Heard Thru Placards And Chants

Marchers carried placards stating messages that says "I don't pay taxes to fund a golf weekend," as well as "NO! We refuse to accept a fascist America." and chanted "Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!" Protesters were also interviewed and have stated their plea of wanting Donald Trump to step down as they went to America to escape poverty and get away from dictatorship.

"They're here to shine light on the truth, not to create fake news. Sometimes they get things wrong, but they usually correct it quickly ... The real fakery here is Donald Trump and his team's 'alternative facts.'" According to one protester.

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