Apple Ad 'One Night' Shot On iPhone 7, Focuses Low Light Photography

Apple recently showcased 15-second spots on "One Night: Shot On iPhone 7" ad, which the company enlisted a group of photographers to capture images using the low-light camera on iPhone 7. The commercial ad showed spectacular images of nighttime photography from New York to Johannesburg.

Shot On iPhone 7 Campaign

According to Apple Insider, the commercial has been aired earlier this month, documenting events and places from around the globe. The dusk to dawn nightlife images of New York, Johannesburg, Shanghai and Tokyo featured a mixture of time-lapse and fragment of video stories.

The compilation of photos and videos captured on a single night were taken to showcase the low light feature of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The "One Night" advertising campaign utilized photos and videos from actual iPhone 7 users and different scenes from four cities.

Low-light Photography, High-Quality Images

The commercial advertises the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus' ability to capture high-quality images in a low-light. The ad has only used four locations; however, it was taken by 16 photographers across six continents and 15 cities. The "One Night" campaign made its way to 25 countries around the globe, as per Mac Rumors.

One Night: Glimpse Of Tokyo, Shanghai, New York And Johannesburg

The shots from Tokyo were taken by Laurence B. where the artist revealed the low-light in a neon-and-concrete jungle concept. The images highlighted the famous Shibuya crosswalk and the rain-dotted windows.

The scenes from Shanghai were captured by Jennifer B., which the artist focused on the neutral color palette of the symphony of blues and whites. The stunning images showcased Shanghai's Skyline with contrasting colors and pictures without significant noise.

The pictures from New York were shot by Jeremy P.C., where the snaps showcased the dramatic sunlit sky and the series colors of daybreak. The video from Johannesburg was unveiled by Elsa B., which the artist focused on aftermarket lenses.


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