Watch Dogs 2: What Is 'The Shuffler' Quest?

By Noah Sanchez , Feb 21, 2017 06:21 PM EST

After Watch Dogs 2 released its patch last week, players have discovered a mystery quest hidden in the game. Players investigated and had led them to turn over every rock and even mine the watchdogs' code to hunt additional information about the shuffler. The game's creator, Ubisoft added the Patch 1.11 to prepare players for the DLC that Watch Dogs 2 will be released. According to EpicStreamMan, "We started hearing rumblings of weird text conversations between NPCs." In the game, four teens who call themselves Shuffler hunters had apparently gone missing which was reported by local radio. Posts from the official Watch Dogs 2 Tumblr confirmed the game's players suspicions that a mystery was bubbling. The posts referred to the shuffler which was an urban legend described to be so scary that those who knew allegedly lost their minds. Later the posts announced that "The Shuffler" is real.

Later on, Watch Dogs fans discovered that the missing teens went AWOL while investigating "The Shuffler." Last February 15, they found four instances of red, demonic graffiti in Watch Dogs 2's Oakland. Near the graffiti, players heard strange noises and when viewed through their phones, the locations revealed several clues to the lost teenagers' story. Currently, players are still waiting for Ubisoft to give out another clue. The surprise quest has reinvigorated the watch dogs' community who loves good mystery stories. Watch Dogs 2Discord member TealSummerNights said "I don't think anyone really expected something like this," in addition, "People are listening to the in-game radio stations, checking every nook and cranny of virtual SF. Some folks have even been digging through the game's code!". Players almost dismantle the game like the game's hacker protagonist.

Last September, Wath Dogs 2 players had solved the game's first ARG in just a matter of days. It won't be long before this mystery's done for and maybe the answers will come along with the DLC.

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