Death Stranding Won't Have Multiple Endings, Says Kojima

Death Stranding, the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive action title game is unlikely to have multiple endings, says the creator Hideo Kojima during the latest episode of the game makers. Kojima Discussed his approach to video game storytelling, Kojima revealed that he is more interested in having a concrete narrative in place with a definitive conclusion, which opposes the going down the multiple ending routes that many titles have adopted.

Kojima stated, "There is the multi-ending story technique and that's a kind of technique that he is not very interested in.Kojima says, that he hopes to make video games where the player's destiny is set, and it's really a matter of how the player takes the initiative. Using their willpower, courage, and wisdom, to move the story forward. "In that context, the player joins forces with other users and build bridges and makes connections in the storytellingThat's what I hope to create, and that's something I'm currently thinking a lot about."

Hideo Kojima announced that the Death Stranding during Sony E3 2016 press conference and later confirmed the game will be released at some point before 2019. The upcoming title reunites the Metal Gear creator with the actor Norman Reedus, and the well-known director Guillermo Del Toro, who already collaborated with Kojima on the canceled psychological horror title project, Silent Hills. Death Stranding was reported to have open world game elements and some form of the online component. The game Death Stranding was powered by the Decima Engine, which was the same technology Guerrilla games' upcoming game Horizon: Zero dawn.

Kojima shared that he feels that humor is an important aspect of video games, he said that his creation, Death Stranding will have plenty of humor in the game's story, This news came as a surprise because the trailer is packed with a lot of dark undertones. Kojima also added in an interview that playing can put a lot of stress on the game which makes humor important to make sure that they continuously enjoy playing.

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