Overwatch Update: New Funko Pop Figures Arriving This April

Last year, there were a bunch of Overwatch Funko Pop figures launched to the market. These numbers are based on the characters present in Blizzard's popular multiplayer first-person shooter game. The said characters are initiated in a line of Pop models by the American toy manufacturing company called Funko. However, not all characters were featured on the first wave. As a result, Blizzard recently announced another collaboration with the company to release even more Overwatch Funko Pop figures.

According to the report from Game Rant, it was revealed at the London Toy Fair that the second wave of Overwatch Funko Pop Figures would be launched to fill in some gaps of the present roster. The report said that these vinyl statues are expected to arrive this coming April.

Meanwhile, Gamespot stated that both Blizzard and Funko Pop have officially released several brand new images of the upcoming figurines. Furthermore, they have also revealed some details about where to buy these cute items. As seen in the released images, the second wave of Funko Pop figures will feature game characters like Mei, Lucio, Symmetra and McCree. Also, there are also some alternate versions of Tracer and Pharah which were previously unavailable.

On the other hand, there will be larger six-inch figures to be released such as two versions of D.Va that will have a 1.75-inch version of her which can be put into the much bigger MEKA unit. Meanwhile, Reinheardt also receives two versions of figurines which are six-inch tall. Meanwhile, the model that has his helmet off is only available at Best Buy.

Also, Tracer's new version can be purchase through ThinkGeek, McCree can be obtained via GameStop, Mei's alternate version can be bought at Hot Topic and the alternate version of Pharah can be exclusively acquired via Blizzard's Gear Store.

Beyond Blizzard's announcement of new Funko Pop Overwatch figures, it appears that the main game is going to introduce a brand new character soon. It was discovered when Blizzard recently published a blog post teasing the addition of the young robotics and AI expert Efi Oladele as the next hero. If that happens, fans should expect a Funko Pop version Efi Oladele arriving anytime soon.


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