Immigrants' Worst Nightmare Realized: Immigrant Enforcement Ramps Up

President Donald Trump's one month old administration is known for so many things, and now one of the executive orders which made the Trump administration known all throughout the world is again making noise and causing distress to immigrants and families from all over the globe.

Trump Administration Fortifies Immigration Enforcement Guidelines Not To Cause 'Mass Deportation'

February 21, Tuesday, Undocumented Immigrant's fears were turned into reality as U.S President Donald Trump expanded enforcement immigration to create a "deportation force".
Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly officially released Immigrant enforcers to conduct arrest and deport undocumented immigrants nationwide which places a huge number of families at risk of being separated from each other.

According to White House press secretary Sean Spicer, the only thing that the White House did is to give enforcers the ability, guidance and the resources to do what their mission is.

White House Invalidated The Obama Administration's Sterned Set Of Guidelines Regarding Deportation Priorities

During the Obama regime, ex-president Barack Obama firmly stated that immigration enforcers should mainly focus on undocumented individuals who were convicted of multiple misdemeanor and may cause a major threat against social security. However, as soon as Donald Trump took office, the administration made sure that these guidelines would be broadened to any undocumented individuals who were convicted of any crime.

Mr. Kelly also stated that during the Obama regime, less than twenty percent of the 11 Million has been targeted for deportation. "These directives from President Trump are tearing fathers, mothers and their children away from each other," said CASA and added that such actions are against America's Values.

Amidst the panic from immigrants, officials stated that there is "no specific" number targeted for deportation and stated that "We don't need a sense of panic necessarily in our communities here," the official added that they are simply accomplishing the laws passed onto them by the United States Congress.

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