Microsoft Might Cancel The Surface Phone

Tech giant Microsoft might be contemplating the possibility of canceling the launch of the highly-expected Surface Phone, given the fact that its Windows platform has been showing poor results that launching the mobile device won´t fit the company´s interests. Naturally, many believe that this would definitely represent a major setback for the tech giant, considering that many customers were waiting for this flagship to come, and start an unprecedented epic battle against Apple in the smartphone business.

The Surface Phone Won´t Recover Microsoft´s Numbers 

Apparently, this delicate decision could be made after a Gartner Inc. report revealed that sales of Windows mobile devices have been almost non-existent in the fourth quarter of 2016. Of course, such a terrible performance wasn't expected by the company, and these numbers might show that the Surface Phone could not achieve great sales for Microsoft.

Believe it or not, Gartner´s report showed that during last year´s fourth quarter, the Windows mobile OS accounted for only 0.3 percent share of the entire smartphone sales in this particular period.  This accounted for just 1.1 percent market share in comparison with the fourth quarter of 2015. Clearly, this statistics indicates the depleting fortunes of the Windows mobile OS, and that even if the Surface Phone manage to meet expectations, it won´t recover Microsoft from this devastating situation.

Nokia´s Split From Microsoft Was Really Damaging

The recent split between Nokia and Microsoft also represented a terrible blow for the tech giant, given the fact that the Lumia smartphones were the most notable mobile devices powered by the company. Getting to this point, although the Surface Phone seems extremely far away, there´s actually a small possibility that this mobile device gets launched, since Microsoft´s CEO Satya Nadella confirmed in November 2016 that the company was hard at work with the ultimate smartphone.

In any case, it is expected that Microsoft could provide more hints about the Surface Phone in the coming months, considering that the smartphone market will be intense and the tech giant will be pressured to say something about its mobile device. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that Microsoft will end up throwing the towel in the smartphone business.

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