Xiaomi Might Expand Its Smartphone Portfolio This Year

Here’s the gorgeous Xiaomi Mi Mix in White
Although expanding its portfolio is always a great strategy for boosting sales and increasing popularity, the type of models that Xiaomi promises are set for major hits in the international market. Photo : Android Authority/YouTube

When Xiaomi refused the global market, a lot of tech enthusiasts were disappointed for not seeing this outstanding mobile device in the American market.  In addition, it poses a huge concern for the company since its position in China would be weaker than ever now that other Chinese smartphones decided to arrive in America. Nevertheless, Xiaomi has doubled its bet in 2017, since new reports reveal that this company is planning to expand its smartphone portfolio this year.  This is to offer a huge variety of mobile devices to its customers and boost company sales.

Xiaomi Might Consider New Suppliers

Apparently, Xiaomi will mainly focus on mid and high-range mobile devices, which definitely shows how the company is trying to make its biggest hit in the Asian markets in order to maintain and even excel its top position as one of the greatest Chinese brands. Nevertheless, Xiaomi might be targeting China´s smartphone market, since even when it beat Apple in the fourth place, its previous prestigious position was replaced by other brands like Oppo and Vivo.

Offering a lot of mid and high-range mobile devices in the Chinese market is a great strategy to restore its popularity and achieve remarkable sales. While some of its rivals will be focusing on the American market, Xiaomi could take advantage of this situation and offer its incredible smartphones.

Also, it was reported that Xiaomi might actually consider new suppliers for some parts and components in order to improve management of its supply chain. This company has been tipped to buy several display panels for its mobile devices from Truly Opto-electronics.

First Quarter Of 2017 Is Disappointing For Xiaomi

So far, Xiaomi has already released the Mi Note 2 and Mi Mix smartphones, but the sales are below the market expectations in the first quarter of 2017.  It is expected that the numbers might start to rise in the second quarter and will earn a reputable impression by yearend.

The Mi 6 or the Mi Mix EVO 2 could become really helpful for Xiaomi, considering that both will have incredible specs and features could beat its competitors, especially their affordable price tags. Since the Mi 5 became a popular smartphone in the China´s market, it would be a huge surprise if the Mi 6 doesn´t become one of the greatest Chinese mobile devices of all time.

In any case, if Xiaomi manages to achieve great sales and reaches the top position in the Chinese market, the company could buy some more time to make the decision of globalizing the brand.  It will be better if strategic measures are in order to maintain its position.

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