Soundwall Nova: Touch-enabled Artwork That Lets You Play Music

By Anj Cagay , Feb 22, 2017 07:16 AM EST

The Soundwall Nova is a high-end speaker that expands on the capabilities of earlier models. Soundwall, the company that makes flat-panel speakers cloaked as pieces of art, has updated its product to make it as innovative as possible. Unlike its previous displays, the Soundwall Nova comes with a new system called Magic Touch which allows consumers to control their speakers just by touching them.

The Soundwall Nova

According to a source, The Boulder-based company Soundwall is a whole new way to experience sound. It uses Distributed Mode Loudspeaker or DML technology. The entire surface is a speaker. The aluminum resonates to produce rich, natural sound that fills your space. Talking about the artwork, the company uses archival inks and a dye-sublimation process to print it into aluminum and make sure it doesn't fade.

The Soundwall Nova Features

The Soundwall Nova speakers play music by connecting to users' smartphones using Bluetooth. While this music can be controlled directly through the phone, the Nova gives more users the opportunity to pause, skip, and play songs through the device. Nova's Magic Touch feature gives you the power to play, pause and skip songs. Interestingly, by touching the artwork for "Mood Lights," helps you set the ambiance while listening to the music. Also, you can switch between blue lights if you opt for relaxed, jazzy atmosphere, red for a more romantic one and white if you want some plain yet elegant, all within Soundwall's companion app.

You can get a Soundwall through its website for a price tag of $900. It's pretty expensive, but then again, some people might see it as getting an artwork and a speaker at the same time. If you do shop through the website, you'll have around 150 designs to choose from. Good thing is, you can always upload your own for the most personalized option yet.


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