Fungus Found In Capri Sun Drinks

Scientists found five types of fungus in the popular pre-packaged juice drink, Capri Sun.

Researchers at Indiana State University say they found five types of fungal mats in various flavors of the drink, when alerted to the problem by a TV reporter.

"A father had brought it to him and was very upset about what was this large ugly thing in his child's drink. So we took it from there and determined it was a fungal mat," said Kathleen Dannelly, associate professor of microbiology, in a release.

Curious to see what else was in the drink, Dannelly analyzed Capri Sun in her lab.

The lab assistants filtered Capri Sun through a vacuum, identified fungal microbes and grew them on filter paper. The team found five fungi, three from the tropical punch flavor, one from the Roaring Waters flavor and one from the fruit punch flavor.

But it's not a reason to stop buying Capri Sun, the scientists say. The types of fungi found aren't harmful to humans. In fact, these fungi are found naturally in our own digestive systems. Only those with compromised immune systems should refrain from consuming such foods.

Dannelly says the presence of fungus is just part of the natural cycle.

"As far as I can tell, the fact that they don't put preservatives in this is really allowing lots of fungi to survive the drink process," she added.

"While unpleasant, it is more of a quality rather than a safety issue. However, we take consumer concerns very seriously. When we had the opportunity to look at a sample in the past, we have sent it to a leading, accredited lab for testing. They independently confirmed it was mold. Because this product contains no preservatives, the beverage can spoil and mold can grow," Capri Sun stated on a company FAQ website.

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