Pokemon GO Guide: Another Way To Evolve Eevee

Players are eager to evolve their favorite Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Little did they know that there are shortcuts that they can do to get their next form especially for Eevee. Also, Gen 2 creatures can be evolved with useful items found in the game.

Other Way To Evolve Eevee In Pokemon GO

Players who are members in Pokemon GO Hub noticed that evolving Eevee during different times in the game will result to two evolutions. But before they can do that, they have to walk at least 10 kilometers to acquire two candies.

It is very important to get two candies during their 10 kilometer walk because they will be needing them to get the next evolution of Eevee. After that, they can evolve Eevee as their buddy in Pokemon GO. According to BGR, it is important to set the Pokemon as their current buddy because that is the only way they can evolve it.

They must not forget to set the Pokemon as their buddy or else they will fail. If they wish to get Espeon, they must evolve it during daytime. If they wish to evolve Eevee as Umbreon, then they need to do it during nighttime.

Evolving Gen 2 Pokemon

As per Polygon, there are two ways on how they can evolve the new members in Pokemon GO. First is with items that they need such as Sun Stone, King's Rock, Metal Coat, Up-Grade and Dragon Scale. However, some of the items vary depending on the Pokemon they want to evolve.

Some of the items are acquired in PokeStops. However, there are chances that some of the items will show up rarely in Pokemon GO. The next thing to help players in evolving the Pokemon is with the use of candies in the game.

Hopefully, players will get their desired evoution of Eevee in Pokemon GO. No matter how hard it is to evolve the Pokemon, they must comply with the requirements needed. Also, some requirements are applicable in evolving Gen 2 monsters.

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