Overwatch News: Season 4 Will Officially Begin

Overwatch has different competitive seasons wherein the players need to fight for their placements in the game. The season three is finally over but the next season will start sooner than the players think. They are asking how will it be different from the season that just ended.

Overwatch's Season 4 Will Be Starting

On Feb. 28, season four of one of Blizzard's favorite game will be starting. However, the developer is yet to reveal their plans for Overwatch but players are thinking that the upcoming season will be better than season three gave the players.

According to VG247, there are chances that season four of Overwatch will bring more game improvements because the previous season brought a lot of updates to improve some of the heroes and fix the bugs present in the game.

The players are speculating that the new hero that will be added in the roster of Overwatch might be available in season four. But they need to know that the hero Blizzard is talking about will not be Doomfist, instead a different hero.

Rewards From Overwatch's Season 3 Can Now Be Exchanged

Before the start of season four of the game, players can now exchange their earned points that they earned during the placement matches during the last season of Overwatch. They can get golden weapons. As per PVP Live, for those players who gained 100 CP will get SR 1- 1499.

Those who earned 200 CP will get SR 1500-1999. Next, players with 400 CP have the chance to acquire SR 2000-2499. For those players who have 800 CP can have SR 2500-2999. Those who have 1200 CP can access SR 3000-3499.

The players who earned 2000 CP can get SR 3500-3999. Lastly, those players who managed to get 3000 CP can acquire SR 4000-5000. The weapons can be useful when season four will finally start and another season of placement matches will begin.

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