Intel Reveals Its New LTE Advanced Pro Modem, Bound For iPhone 8?

Intel has revealed its new XMM7650 modem, which is an LTE Advanced Pro modem, and it is likely to be fitted to the upcoming iPhone 8 or a newer version of the iPhone 7. The new modem offers gigabit LTE performance, which is similar to Qualcomm Snapdragon X16.

Intel XMM7560

According to Android Headlines, it is the first 14-nanometer modem manufactured. It possesses the speed of 225 megabits per second uplink and over 1 gigabit per second downlink. It supports up to 4x4 MIMO and 456QAM.

The new XMM7560 supports up to 5X carrier aggregation and the modem can run up to 230 carrier aggregation combinations within 35 LTE bands. It is the most power efficient and flexible modem, which can be utilized for high-speed data. The new Intel modem may run a miOS software and it is under the LTE Category 16/13.

The new Intel modem has a consolidated loT solution that utilizes a single device. It can support all the current network technologies, which makes the new modem an advanced connectivity chips in the market. It can provide a blazing fast connectivity without compromising the battery life.

Apple And Qualcomm Rivalry

Intel XMM7560 is a close rivalry of Qualcomm Snapdragon X16, as per 9 To 5 Mac. Apple modems were switched out in AT&T and T-Mobile and currently running legal issues with Qualcomm for a billion dollars over patent royalties. Qualcomm modems were superior to the competition and Apple had to stick with its terms.

Intel 7560 Model On iPhone Models

Many reports noted that Apple would equip a global iPhone model with an Intel modem. Intel is said to be ready to offer the Cupertino-based tech company a massive amount of gigabit LTE on its upcoming iPhone 7 or iPhone 8. Intel reveals that the new modem is to be showcased in the first half of this year and the production will soon move afterward.


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