Resident Evil 7 Bedroom DLC Guide: Where To Get All The Paintings

In the recently released Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC in Resident Evil 7, the players are challenged to finish the Bedroom tape. However, they need several things such as paintings in order to finish the tape because the items are required.

It Is Time To Get All The Paintings In Resident Evil 7's Bedroom DLC

Players will start in a room with a lantern in their hand. Before they can get all the paintings in the Bedroom DLC, they need to use the spoon to unlock the door. They need to complete the paintings in the Western wall because some of them are missing.

According to Eurogamer, the untitled painting C needs to be placed in the middle. The next target is to get the untitled painting B. The players need to head to the northeast of the room. After acquiring the painting, they need to place it on the left side of the painting C.

But before completing the paintings on the wall, they need to change the time on the broken clock. They can use the hand on the Grandfather's clock located at the north wall. However, after changing the time, Marguerite will be alerted because of the sound of the clock.

They can finally get the untitled painting A and place it on the right side of painting C. They need to get the sewing needle inside the book. To avoid Marguerite's suspicion, they need to put back all the things they rearranged and that means every painting must be put back where they got it.

Other DLCs In Resident Evil 7

Players tend to appreciate Banned Footage Vol. 1 than Banned Footage Vol. 2. Their reason is because the former is more challenging and more exciting compared to the latter, as per PC Gamer. Also, the players did not see 21 and Daughters as hard as Bedroom and Nightmare tapes.

They observed that Jack's 55th Birthday mode in Resident Evil 7 is the most enjoyable part in the Banned Footage Vol. 2. The players like feeding Jack within 15 minutes while defending themselves against the enemies inside his house.

Hopefully, players will be able to finish all the DLCs in Resident Evil 7 because that is required in beating the game. They must complete them despite how scary or how boring some of the tapes in the DLCs present in the game.

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