'Haikyuu!!' Season 4 To Air In 2018? Karasuno Faces New Team In Nationals; Kageyama Reverts Back To Being King Of The Court

It's not just the Tokyo training camp teams, Karasuno High School volleyball team will face challenges from new teams in the Nationals. The first team they will face is a newly introduced team which is participating in the Nationals for the second time. Fans are speculating "Haikyuu!!" season 4 would air sometime on 2018.

"Haikyuu!!" Season 3 featured Karasuno's match with the Shiratorizawa Academy in the prefectural representative play-offs. Using their innovative techniques Karasuno was able to beat the defending champions and one of the top three aces in the nation, Ushijima. They will represent the Miyagi prefecture in the Spring High Nationals.

But before the interesting matches which will pit Karasuno to the best teams in the nation start. Fans will get to see what happens in the Tokyo qualifiers first, the battle between Nekoma High and Fukurodani Academy. Lucky for them there are three slots for the Tokyo representatives so the losing team will get another shot.

The first half of "Haikyuu!!" season 4 might also see the preparations made by Karasuno for the Nationals. Kageyama is set to join the All Japan training camp while Tsukishima and Hinata will go to the Miyagi prefecture special training camp organized by Shiratorizawa's coach. Tsukishima got an invite while Hinata sort off forced his way into the camp.

Hinata will further improve his connection to the ball. Now, he can see it more clearly, enough to get in place fast to receive a powerful serve. Meanwhile, Kageyama will have his faithful meeting with the original "Little Giant" as well as many amazing players, some he might meet again in the Nationals.

This would increase his eagerness to win and he would revert back to his previous "King of the Court" attitude. However, his teammates would accept him as he is and this would make Karasuno stronger. Now, he would not be matching his teammates' capabilities but would seek to maximize and improve them. He will aim for higher and faster tosses to improve the attack power of each member, including Tsukishima.

Karasuno is set to battle against strong teams in the Nationals. The members of the Tokyo training camp -- Fukurodani, Nekoma, and others, not to mention, the teams with the rest of the nation's best aces. But this is not the only challenge they are going to face. The Nationals Arc in the "Haikyuu!!" manga introduced new teams including the Tsubakihara Academy, Karasuno's first opponent in the Nationals which has powerful spikes and ceiling serves. There are speculations "Haikyuu!!" season 4 will air in spring or summer 2018.

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