'General Hospital' Spoilers: Liv And Sam's Argument Turns Into Tragedy

Updates regarding the hit TV series "General Hospital" are continuously spreading online. Sources revealed that the upcoming episodes of the show might be something fans shouldn't want to miss. Apparently, the argument between Sam and Liv might end up violent and bloody all at the same time. With this, fans are asking, could the baby remain alive despite the stress?

'General Hospital' News And Updates: The Fight Of Sam And Liv

According to Inquisitr, Sam and Liv's fight gets more intense than ever as Sam gets a huge fall from the bridge where they started their argument. News reported that Liv did not see those things happening that she would be so stressed out and end up affecting the baby. Moreover, it was reiterated that the latter expects the exact opposite of what had happened as she was already planning something for quite some time.

It can be recalled that Liv just wanted to use Sam to scare Julian and that getting him dead is not part of the original plan. The character wanted to manipulate the latter to get back to what Julian has done to her. During the past episodes, Julian wanted to poison Liv but ended up failing. This is why the character planned to revenge back to him.

News added that Liv's plan would be too extreme that it would risk the life of Sam and her child. On the other hand, Sam became really fearful of what could happen to her as she realized that Liv is also responsible for the previous car bomb. She would do everything that she can to get out of the car but Liv would try to stop her.

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason, Alexis, And Curtis In Action

On the other hand, Jason Morgan, Alexis Davis, and Curtis Ashford came into knowledge that Liv has already planned things out even before. The three realized that the character was the brain behind the fake AA sponsor and that she just used it to seamlessly be involved in Sam's life. The characters would then do everything to know Liv's upcoming plans.

Sources revealed that Sam and her child might survive the fall as Jason and Sonny would try to do everything to stop Liv.

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