International Space Station UFO: Watch Video of Six UFOs Flying Past

By Charles Omedo , Feb 23, 2017 01:52 AM EST

International space station UFO is fast becoming a most-searched-for phrase on the internet's search engines, and this is because of news of six UFO objects flying past the ISS a few days back. NASA has not released any information about this phenomenon, but it seems nobody is ready to believe anything the US space agency says at this time. The agency is always accused of cutting a live video feed when an unidentified space object flies into public view.

UFO enthusiasts report sighting six UFOs behind the ISS

International space station UFO is fast generating a lot of buzz online since viewers claimed to sight six light objects flying from the right screen of a live ISS feed to the left before disappearing behind the ISS. Analysts claim this to be UFO sighting and say the flying objects are about the size of icebergs, Collective Evolution wrote. Space scientists aboard the ISS have not claimed to see or feel any strange things in their space domain and NASA is expectedly silent on the issue.

A member of the Secure Team 10 which is a group dedicated to researching and documenting UFO evidence claimed the recent activity near the ISS was real. Tyler Glockner, a self-acclaimed alien, claimed the video footage showed UFOs as large as icebergs and never to be mistaken for ice particles. He blamed NASA for cutting the live feed and said the unidentified flying objects were at a little distance from behind the ISS and flew into oblivion.

NASA is accused of always cutting live feed showing UFOs

International space station UFO enthusiasts accuse NASA of deliberately cutting the live feed showing the flying aliens behind the ISS, The Marshalltown reported. Meanwhile, this is not the first time such accusations would be leveled against the US space agency. NASA cut a live feed in early 2015 after viewers said they saw a tiny object rising to show itself in space. And in mid-2016 NASA was also accused of cutting the live feed when people said they sighted a strange object making its way into Earth's atmosphere. NASA is however quick to debunk the sightings as those of space debris, ice particles or meteor.

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