WWE Rumors: SmackDown Forces Naomi To Give Up Women’s Title, Why?

WWE shocked fans of Naomi when they recently stripped her of the coveted women's title. They were unaware of the reasons why the professional wrestling organization has done this. But recent WWE rumors suggest that there is some hanky-panky that went on in their deliberation.

This Must Be A Tough Situation For Naomi

Vacating the SmackDown Women's Championship after fighting tooth and nail for it must be a tough decision for Naomi to take. WWE rumors say that it was Daniel Bryan, General Manager who forced her to give up her title. Apparently, they did it because of her injury.

Naomi Was Stripped Of Her Title Because Of Her Injury

Naomi was injured during her match in the Elimination Chamber PPV. Due to her injury, she could no longer defend her title. She is required to defend her crown in 30 days. According to some WWE rumors, it would be impossible for her to do this since she is still in her recovery stage. That's the obvious reason why she was stripped of her championship belt.

Naomi Won The Championship But Injured Her Knee

Naomi won the WWE title against Alexa Bliss. Unfortunately, she injured her knee in the process. However, some WWE rumors say that if that happened to the men's WWE league, the champion will not be required to give up his title. It appears that the rules for women members of WWE are entirely different.

She Didn't Give It Up Voluntarily

That is why some WWE rumors implied that Naomi didn't give up her crown voluntarily. The WWE has to get Bryan, the GM of SmackDown, to force Naomi to vacate her title. He supported his decision by saying that the doctors have determined that Naomi will not be able to wrestle for the next 30 days.

Is Naomi Being Set Up For Her Big Moment?

This decision has sparked a lot of WWE rumors to run around the internet. If she will only be out for four weeks, why did SmackDown choose to strip her of her title and not just work around the issue just like they did before? Some observers say that WWE could be setting up Naomi for a big moment. This will gain her sympathy, and when she returns, in her own hometown at that, she might become the next big star of WWE.

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