Kristen Stewart Turns To Action In 'Underwater;' Actress Still Looking Forward To Another 'Twilight' Movie

Actress Kristen Stewart is reportedly in the talks to lead an upcoming sci-fi movie, "Underwater." The movie, should the actress accept it, will serve as her comeback to big studio films after pivoting her career into smaller as well as indie films. Meanwhile, talks are still rampant about Stewart's interest to return as Bella Swan in a possible new installment to the Twilight Saga.

A lot of talks surfaced announcing Stewart's possible lead role in a new adventure-thriller movie, "Underwater." It has not yet been confirmed though whether the talk between the actress and Fox has already been finalized or not. Should the 26-year-old actress take the project, she will be working alongside Will Eubank who will reportedly direct the film.

The said movie that will be produced by Chernin Entertainment will follow the story of an underwater scientific crew that is forced to take a dangerous journey for survival after an earthquake. The movie is described as an underwater counterpart of the hit movie "Armageddon." Production of the show is yet to start in March and will take New Orleans as "Underwater's" location.

After the series of successful installments of the Twilight Saga franchise, Stewart has taken interesting roles, but several of her projects flopped. Her 2015 "American Ultra," for instance, has earned less than its budget and got poor reviews from viewers and critics. Her lead role though with Chris Hemsworth in "Snow White and the Huntsman" got fair ratings as it was compared with Julia Roberts' "Mirror Mirror" which premiered only a few months earlier than the former movie.

Stewart's career has also been saddled with the countless gossips about her personal life. She has recently been linked to several personalities with Stella Maxwell being the latest. Her gender preference has reportedly shocked most of her supporters from her most-talked about relationship with ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Following the endless speculations on her alleged involvement with Pattinson, a lot of fans are still requesting to see the former couple pick up their roles in another "Twilight" movie. Stewart has previously addressed the rumors about a new installment of the franchise, saying that they have ended the latest movie well. When she was asked though if she will consider reprising her role should a new book comes up, Stewart reportedly said that she will be the first one to read the book. Apart from that, she has not said anything about coming back to do another "Twilight" movie.

The author of the "Twilight" books, Stephenie Meyers, was also asked if another book can possibly be on the way, and she said that she might consider doing another story only when Bella, Edward, and Jacob die. Fans still believe though that Stewart will be seen in another vampire story as she has long been expressing her interest to relive her Bella days. However, she might not be seen with Pattinson as reports ensure that his chances to take the project are very slim.

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