Is the Antarctica a Desert? This Is What Scientists Have To Say

Is the Antarctica a desert? This is one question on the minds of biology students and graduates of geography, while natural scientists are intrigued about all they had studied about the Antarctica. One thing however is clear: people equate the aridness of the desert to the sterile coldness of the Antarctica. This means that both the Sahara desert in Africa may have a lot of similarities with the Antarctica and the North Pole.

An overview of the Antarctica and its cold ecosystem

The Antarctica has the reputation of being the coldest region of our Earth, and this has attracted a lot of natural scientists to the place for academic research purposes. The climate is harsh and dry, but it is still irresistible to science. The cold is biting and the blizzard is unforgiving, yet there are scientific research outposts with many people applying for permissions to visit the place.

Is the Antarctica a desert? Considering the fact that less than 4 inches of rain falls upon the Antarctica every year, this region can be compared to a wet desert. People can die as easily from cold and frost in the Antarctica just as easily as they can die from heat and thirst in the desert. And this is why most scientists must be trained on natural survival strategies before they set out to the coldest and most inhabitable part of the Earth, Sydney Herald wrote.

The Antarctica is not really dry per se, there's abundant life there

One shouldn't be quick to think that the Antarctica is a planet without signs of life or incapable of supporting organic life. There are whales, penguins, polar bears, scanty plant life, and abundant organisms in the Antarctica; just as the deserts around the world are brimming with natural life. In fact, scientists wouldn't be flocking to the Antarctica if it didn't support any forms of life - but the study of life empowers scientists with how people could cope in similar conditions around the world.

Is the Antarctica a desert? The Antarctica is a desert in a sense, just like the desert could be the Antarctica in a sense. It is however a place with ice glaciers and blue skies and diving birds to keep visitors enchanted for a lifetime. The idea of global warming and climate change as can be seen from melting ice in the Antarctica makes the region a delight to individual researchers and the international community as a whole.

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