A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Is For Free Starting Next Month

For anyone who loves Final Fantasy XV, anything related to it is surely an easy favorite. This is most especially if it's for free. Well, this is exactly what A King's Tale is all about. Luckily for those who've yet to acquire this one, they're in for a huge treat.

According to TechnoBuffalo, GameStop is making A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV available to the general public. It's worth noting that this was once an add-on (also for free) for players who've pre-ordered the hit title from Square Enix via the said online store. Now, it's going to be released with no amount of currency needed.

The A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV will be launching to Europe on March 1. For fans who are situated in North America, unfortunately, no exact release date has been revealed. However, there's no need to worry. That's because the studio is set to release it to the country sooner or later.

In its most organic form, A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV falls in the action game category. Its only difference is it's equipped with a retro-themed graphics, somewhat veering away from the titular title. But like the latter, it also offers a quick-paced combat gameplay. It takes place 30 years before the existence of FFXV.

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV revolves on King Regis as well as his loyal companions. These are no other than Clarus, Cid and Weshkam. Together, they're set to defend the royal city from the chaos that the raiding monsters bring. It's definitely a steal, especially to those who want to go deep into the franchise's lore.

It can't be denied that it's a Final Fantasy XV spin-off of sort. When it was launched, it didn't really receive tons of applause and recognition. However, it doesn't fall behind the hit titles of today. But then again, it's for free so nothing to worry about.

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