Justin Bieber And The Weeknd Get In A Song War Over Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber and The Weeknd are reportedly getting in a "song war" over Selena Gomez. The rumored couple, Selena and The Weeknd reportedly dissed on Bieber on their newly released tracks. Following this, Bieber fired back and is said to get back at the couple with a new song that he is about to write.

Rumors are swirling non-stop for estranged couple, Justin, and Selena. This time, though, The Weekend (Abel Tesfaye) joins the supposed fight as he reportedly mocked Justin in his latest solo. The 27-year-old musician is said to tease Justin with the lines of his new song that fans speculate is directed to the latter.

The lyric lines, "I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me...Now you gettin' mad because you got replaced" are allegedly in reference to Justin as The Weeknd and Selena are reportedly dating. Reports also claim that Justin "freaked out" over the song which also described how Selena might have gotten addicted to him.

An insider from Justin's camp reportedly revealed that the Canadian singer left a message on Selena's voice mail regarding the song. Justin allegedly threatened The Weeknd to "watch out" because he is going to drop a song with bigger revelations. A more recent update then surfaced about how Abel refused to comply with Justin's request to "back off," and now the two musicians are reportedly at war with each other.

In light of these rumors, The Weeknd said that the verses were not in reference to Justin and Selena. Some reports also claim that the song was written before he and Selena started dating.

A more talked-about song though is Selena's "It Ain't Me." Fans were again fast to assume that the songstress penned the track to deliver her final "It's over" message to Justin. Writing: "We were back to seventeen; Summer nights and the liberties; Never growing up; I'll take with me the polaroids and the memories; But you know I'm gonna leave behind the worst of us," fans said that the ultimate clue was there as Justin was 17 when he and Selena dated.

 While the song sounded like it was for Justin, Ali Tamposi, who served as one of the writers of "It Ain't me," just debunked the rumors. She said that the song was penned by her and two more writers, Brian Lee and Andrew Watt. She said that Selena had no contribution to the lyrics. The song was reportedly presented to the songstress, and agreed to sing it once she heard the lines.

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