Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Releases Expansion Gameplay Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is a major expansion of the game which is planned to be launched in June this year. Bethesda has just released a new gameplay trailer which highlights the DLC add-on. Elder Scrolls fans will be taken back to the location of one of the most popular titles in the franchise with Morrowind. Bethesda has now delivered the first major gameplay trailer for the Morrowind expansion.

The gameplay trailer introduces the players to the epic saga in which they will return to Morrowind to take up arms to save the world from ruin and destruction. Players will get to see more of the massive new zone which showcases familiar locations from The Elder Scrolls III, places like Vivec City and Seyda Neen. There will also be new enemies, weapons, armors and encounters coming to the game in June.

Players will also get a sneak peek at the new player class, the warden. Although what direction The Elder Scrolls Online’s story will take is not clear, much of the imaging in the trailer seems to reference to the original Morrowind. Fans will have to wait for the story trailer to ultimate find out from Bethesda, as reported by GameRant.

Rich Lambert, creative director for ESO said that there are two big reasons why they chose Morrowind as opposed to other locales in the game. He stated that one reason is that Morrowind is a beloved place that started off with many people on Elder Scrolls. The other reason is that it is not traditional fantasy.

ESO game director Matt Firor weighs in and he thinks that it is a logical progression for the franchise. He says that after console launch, the company did Orsinium which was off the beaten path. The two after that were Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood which were hallmark to Elder Scrolls fans. He said that the team wanted a nostalgic experience similar to what fans had when people played Oblivion in Cyrodiil. He said that there is nothing more nostalgic than going back to Vvardenfell which was where the whole franchise really took off, as published by GameSpot.

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