MixCast VR Is Blueprint Reality's First Attempt At Broadcasting Via VR

Blueprint Reality, Inc. has unveiled its first tool called the MixCast VR. It is a broadcast system which is presented in and via virtual reality. In short, users can broadcast from VR.

A press release published today, Feb. 22, details the new tool which will enable users to create their own mixed reality videos. The videos can be enhanced and shared or presented in a way that is much simpler than current methods available. Most of the approaches to mixed reality today entail a more intricate mishmash of different applications. Add to this the fact that setup for such mixed reality experience consumes so much time and effort. The MixCast VR solves all those problems. The new tool from Blueprint Reality may be utilized by all the applications that it supports while negating the need for further configuration. Adding support for the MixCast VR is easily done by simply dragging and dropping the software development kit or SDK into the Unity project.

The CTO of Blueprint Reality, Ben Sheftel, expressed that the company's goal with the new tool is to make an intuitive system available for developers and designers to broadcast what happens inside the word of virtual reality through the more traditional media. For the same reason, educators, presenters and other people who wish to share their knowledge or expertise can do so with a more interesting and more fun perspective.

Blueprint Reality is a company based in Vancouver, Canada whose main objective is to develop tools for VR enthusiasts as well as creating VR games. The company's first venture is Awaken, a tactile VR puzzle game. Virtual reality is getting more and more support from new companies such as Blueprint Reality though many established ones have also ventured into the industry. Google, for one, recently introduced Google Earth VR which helps users feel like they are in a place they have always wanted to visit but just couldn't.

According to Venture Beat, Blueprint Reality has made the SDK available for free to developers via the Unity Asset Store. End users may also avail f the application through Steam.

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