Is Canada's Mental Health Care On The Rocks?

The issue on mental health has once again been put to spotlight as a certain study finding has revealed that as much as 500,000 Canadians will miss work due to mental illness. That being said, experts have claimed that the number poses a widespread challenge that must be met with a collaborative effort from government, organized labor, employers and individual Canadians. In line with the growing concern, an award-winning journalist John Scully has recently expressed his frustrating attempts to receive treatment for mental health issues in Canada.

Mental Health Care On John Scully's Perspective

Scully, 76, was said to have spent a number of years covering national events ranging from the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran to the Vietnam War, and has even ended up in front of a firing squad in El Salvador after being mistaken for a CIA spy. Consequently, it was found that the adrenalin of going into dangerous scenarios such as in his experiences has apparently hidden his depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. In one of his statements reported by CTV News, Scully said that his career covered it up.

Furthermore, Scully has allegedly spoken out about his experience on Facebook and says others who suffer depression have reached out to him by also sharing their own stories of frustrating waits for psychiatric care. The renowned journalist said that they are still at that stage in Canada, and around the world, that mental illness is still something to be shunned and hidden from, and kept secret. Hence, this of point-of-view made by Scully is being backed by mental health advocates who say Canada's spending falls short of other nations.

Canada's Mental Health Care

Meanwhile, according to reports revealed by Ottawa Citizen, the federal government takes a multi-pronged approach to addressing Canadians' mental health at work. It was found that for many Canadians, balancing the demands of professional life and personal and family responsibilities can be a real challenge. As of the press time, data shows that one in five Canadians experiences a mental health problem or mental illness each year. Ultimately, experts say that these types of issues are close to our hearts, and we believe we need to do more to bring workplace mental health issues out of the shadows.


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