3 Important Things Twitter Could Learn From Weibo

China's Weibo a better bet than Twitter?
Weibo has been called China´s Twitter, but unlike the blue bird platform, its performance has been so great that it would be quite popular in the U.S., thanks to outstanding features that users would love. Photo : CNNMoney/YouTube

Although it is only available in China, social media Weibo has become one of the greatest in its kind, given the fact that it offers a variety of features that Twitter should imitate in order to grow its users' numbers. Considering that this platform is currently facing the worst moment in its history, learning from Weibo could be a great solution to escape from this downward spiral once and for all. Here are the three things that could definitely help the blue bird platform.

Twitter Can Learn From Weibo´s Rich Media

If you ever used Weibo, you might already know that one of its greatest features is its ability to insert rich media like videos, images, emoticon, music, and even polls without any kind of plugin requited. Believe it or not, even when many believe that this could be not so useful in these kinds of social media, Weibo has proved that users would love it.

This way, the tweets can include a lot of images and emoticons, which have already proven to be quite efficient in other social media like WhatsApp. Although it is hard to imagine it in Twitter, it would definitely give the platform another image that might be really helpful to increase its users, given the fact that allowing the use of several tools to include in a message is really popular among millennials.

In fact, this is one of the main issues that Twitter is facing, given the fact that unlike Weibo, young users don't use this social media too much. Of course, making an improvement on this particular feature might change this situation and will make Twitter attractive again millennials and every kind of user.

Twitter Can Learn From Weibo´s Micro Topics

This is definitely one of Weibo´s greatest features, since it picks a specific tweet related to a specific topic and it eventually creates a unique page for the users to view it and discuss it. This way, if there´s a political event or something related to the video game like "League of Legends," Weibo creates a dedicated page so people could share anything they want about it.

This is something that could also be extremely efficient with young users, given the fact that these kinds of pages usually attract too much people to discuss a certain topic. Nevertheless, if Twitter would ever give a try on this feature, it will definitely need to find a solution in the online harassment issue before making the move, considering that this kind of situation could happen in these types of pages.

Twitter Can Learn From Weibo´s Trends Categorization

Although Twitter´s Top Trends has been quite efficient to the point in which users have already get used to, the biggest problem with this particular feature is that sometimes they´re not on your interest list. Naturally, this is something frustrating enough to stop using it, which is quite disappointing for a feature that has been widely recognized as one of the greatest that Twitter has.

Of course, if the blue bird social media wants to improve it, it can easily copy Weibo´s trends categorization, which is actually much better than Twitter´s considering that it offers a wide variety of trends that users can choose. Believe it or not, this social media has a dedicated page for trends named as Board of Fame, which in addition to offer a variety of topics, it also shows the hottest trends of last hour, or this week, or even the month.

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