Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Takes A Dig At iPhone 5

Samsung recently took the wraps off the highly anticipated Galaxy S4 and the handset is making its way into the hands of millions of customers. Samsung has also taken the opportunity to show off the latest feature of the handset with a video advertisement but at the same time takes a dig at its archrival, iPhone 5.

Samsung's new video advertisement directly targets iPhone 5 for not having the features included in the latest Galaxy S4.

The video shows a bunch of people having fun at a graduation party, which includes new graduates and probably their parents. The ad starts with a new graduate taking a picture of his dad cooking ribs and says that he is taking a picture with his new GS4 (Galaxy S4). The guy then uses the Air Gesture feature of the handset to take a call while his father watches.

Then the ad continues with a girl taking a picture with her Galaxy S4 and then sharing it with a friend using the S Beam feature. A woman seems to like the S Beam feature and asks the girl to share it with her too, holding a white iPhone 5; however, the Apple logo at the back seems to be missing. The girl replies, "yours doesn't do that." At this, another guy tells the woman, "some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones" and the girl using the Galaxy S4 doesn't hesitate to say "exactly."

The ad continues touting more features of the Galaxy S4. This is not the first time that Samsung has taken a dig at iPhone. A previous Samsung print ad campaign in Korean national and regional papers compared the features of Galaxy S3 with those of iPhone 5. In the comparison, Samsung detailed Galaxy S3's specs such as screen size, battery life, screen resolution et al along with the features S Voice, S-Beam, Smart Alert, Tilt to Zoom, Direct Call, Turn Over to Mute and more.

Check out the video:

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