'Pixel Noir' Pre-Alpha Demo Now Avaialble To Download; Details Here

Recently, BadLand Games released the pre-alpha demo of Pixel Noir, which is a 16-bit RPG. Fans are amazed about the Noir theme of the game, which is something new in the eyes of every gamer today. There are a lot of features in the game that will surely keep everyone busy. BadLand Games also announced the release date of Pixel Noir.

What To Expect From The Pre-Alpa Demo Of Pixel Noir?

The pre-alpha demo Pixel Noir will give the fans an idea of what is about to come in the future. However, fans can expect a lot of bugs in the game as it is still not finished. Pixel Noir has a lot of characters to choose from. Each of them has their own special skills. The game also offers a turn-based combat system, where players will be very strategic in making their moves. There are also a lot of secrets to discover in the game. Players can reveal clues in performing investigations, which is a very realistic feature. Fans will also enjoy the equipment system of the game, where players must grid for the best item in the game. The pre-alpha demo will help BadLand Games to improve Pixel Noir in the future.

When Is The Release Date Of Pixel Noir?

Pixel Noir will be released in 2018. There are no exact dates yet of when will the game get released, though it is believed to be released early in the said year. At this point of time, fans can only hope that BadLand Games will reveal the title's release date as early as possible. It is also expected that the game will have DLCs in the future, which will add new characters and missions. While waiting for the title's release, fans can now try the pre-alpha demo of the game.

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