'Shift Happens' Released Now Availalbe For Xbox One And PC; Here's What To Expect

Recently, Klonk Games finally released their co-op puzzle game Shift Happens for Xbox One and PC. Fans got very excited about the release of the game as it offers an all new experience of puzzle game. Bismo and Plom are the main characters in the game. However, fans are expecting that Klonk Games will add more characters in the title.Shift Happens has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from the fans. Due to this, it is safe to say that the title will be very popular in today's gaming industry.

Shift Happens Brings An Amazing Style Of Puzzle Game To Xbox One And PC

Shift Happens is a co-op puzzle game where two characters must work together to finish different levels. However, fans can also expect a lot of backstabbing from other players for collecting the coins, which is a very exciting feature. The game also gets harder as it progresses. There are a lot of features in the game that will surely keep everyone busy. Players will also need to change their character size to finish a specific level. There are also a lot of collectibles to collect in different levels. Shift Happens will definitely bring a lot of hilarious moments to everyone. There is also a single-player mode in the game, though it is not that enjoyable than the multiplayer.

Where Can The Fans Get The Shift Happens?

Shift Happens can be bought on Steam and Xbox Store for only $14.99. The game is also being updated continuously. Due to this, fans should not worry about the title's issues. Rumors suggest that the game will have DLCs in the future, such as new maps and characters. However, players should focus on finishing the game first. It is because of the insane difficulty that the title offers to all the fans. Puzzle lovers will definitely enjoy playing Shift Happens.

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