Everything We Know About Elder Scrolls Online's Newest Hybrid Class

June marks the coming of the Elder Scrolls Online expansion and it takes us back to Morrowind along with introducing the fifth class to the game called the Warden. Everyone are hyped about this new class since it's the game's first true hybrid according to the MMORPG website. The Warden is going to be apparently a healer, a tank, and a DPS in one class.

Everything We Know About ESO's The Warden

The Warden is nothing new, data-mined beta files back then reveal that Bethesda Softworks were already planning to have a fifth class. However, the new class they are adding to the game is a more modified and better version of itself that the data-mined information. Three new skill lines are also coming to ESO with the Warden which is something everyone has been asking about.

The protective and controls spells will come from the skill line called Winter's Embrace. This is an "Ice Tank" line and uses ice and water magic. It has buffs and shields or protective magic.

A nature-based magic that heals is what everyone can expect from the Healer line. It's called Green Balance and gives the user the ability to do an AOE heal with the Fungal Growth and individual ones like Healing Seed, which drops seed that can be used by anyone during battle. The passive skills, however, are said to be works in progress.

The Warden In ESO

The DPS line is called Animal Companions and grants the user their permanent bear pet which can morph into two forms. One resurrects the bear after it dies, the other replaces the bear for another who can do insane damage. It can kill an enemy immediately if his health is below a certain threshold.

The DPS line also offers other animals as Companions like a cliff racer, a swarm of bugs that does AOE damage, and more. The Warden has a wide variety of utility that players can mix and match for the class build they want. This may become a wanted class in parties, a fact that Creative Director Rich Lambert believes.

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