New Bug Discovered By Google Pixel And Pixel XL Users, Devices' Bluetooth Shut Down

The Google Pixel series isn't exactly a stranger to bug problems. It wasn't too long ago when reports came out about the audio bug that some Pixel owners have encountered. Now, new reports came in saying that some Pixel and Pixel XL devices are also experiencing Bluetooth troubles. Based on these cases, the Google phones' Bluetooth connectivity seems to have a life of its own as it turns off by itself without the users provoking it.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Bluetooth Issues

The HTC-built smartphones have been the center of attention in a number of forums online. Reddit and Google Pixel support threads have seen quite a number of rants from Pixel owners who have been experiencing the Bluetooth problem. According to the affected users, their Bluetooth toggles off without them doing anything to cause it.

This technical issue actually comes on the heels of the battery problem that the company has already acknowledged. This battery bug leads to the unexpected shut down of some Pixel and Pixel XL phones when the battery power gets to 30 percent. Phone Arena says that a patch to resolve this battery issue is expected to roll out soon.

As for the Bluetooth problem, some users blame the February security patch, which actually makes sense. As per a source, one of the fixes that the patch brought in is related to Bluetooth, so it's pretty possible that the supposed fix has also broken something else. The source shares further that they have experienced the Bluetooth issue first-hand, saying that their Huawei Watch has often reported that their phone has been disconnected.

How To Fix Bluetooth Issues On Pixel And Pixel XL

As of now, Google hasn't provided a solution to this bug yet. Nevertheless, the company has acknowledged the issue on Reddit and they said that they are already looking into the problem. This means that the affected users have no choice but to wait for a fix. It's safe to assume that the update-caused bug can also be easily fixed by a new update. Hopefully, the next patch won't destroy anything as it fixes things up.

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