Android 8.0 Could Be Named 'Oreo' As Evidenced By New Marketing Gimmick

Now that 2017 is slowly sinking in, it's safe to say that next-generation gadgets and updates can already be expected. One of the highly-awaited announcements is the next Android update. However, the focus is not on what the next Android features will be. Instead, what people want to know is what the next Android version will be called. Fortunately now, the answer might have already been hinted, and the next version's name could be Oreo.

Clues That Android 8.0 Will Be Called Oreo

Just a few days ago, Android SVP, Hiroshi Lockheimer, tweeted an Oreo GIF, which was instantly interpreted by many as a hint for the next Android version's name. Now, Oreo itself has joined in the Oreo madness by rolling out a new game, the Oreo Dunk Challenge. The game is simple. All players have to do is fling Oreos into a glass of milk, which is actually more fun than one may describe. Regardless, the point is that the new game may be a hint that the next Android version will be called Oreo. This has been made even more obvious by the phrase "Created with our friends at Google" that shows up when firing up the game.

Android 8.0, What's Known So Far

Of course, unless Google says something about Android 8.0, nothing is confirmed so far. However, based on past events, there's a good chance that the next Android version will be revealed in preview version very soon. This could happen within the Google I/O timeframe just like last year. The actual launch of the Android 8.0 however, may take place months later at around the second half of the year.

It's also worth mentioning that although the Android Oreo name has been leaked a couple of times, it's still better to take the hints with a grain of salt. The Android SVP who tweeted the Oreo GIF is actually known for leaking false hints. Last year, there was also a solid clue that pointed out to the Android Nutella name that later ended up being false. Nevertheless, as per 9to5Google, there clearly isn't a lot of other sweets that are perfect for the Android-O moniker apart from Oreo. Still, the best thing to do right now is wait for Google's announcement. Hopefully, the company will soon announce the 2017 Android version name together with the system's first preview.

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