‘Skyrim’ Switch Edition Might Not Even be Updated

Skyrim is one of the most anticipated games for the Switch as the hybrid console will allow players to bring their adventure on the go. However, Bethesda is still very tight-lipped about the major details regarding the port.

Bethesda Still Silent on Skyrim Switch Edition

Not too long ago, Bethesda recently confirmed their hit game will be coming over to Nintendo's latest console. Developer Todd Howard even had a short segment during the hybrid console's presentation just so he could announce the game's inclusion. However, SegmentNext reports that Howard has yet to confirm which version is going to the Switch.

Due to the hybrid console's raw power, many fans are expecting that Bethesda can only bring over the base version. The Special Edition might be too much for the hybrid console despite being able to run on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Moreover, there is no doubt that the action-adventure title will quickly drain the Switch's battery as it is a very demanding game.

Difference Between Vanilla and New Edition

GameSpot reported that the Special Edition allows the freedom of mods and comes with all of the game's downloadable content (DLC). It also enhances the resolution and even fixes a few mechanics from the original version. With this in mind, the Nintendo Switch version would lose out on all of these additional features if Bethesda chooses to port over the standard version.

Not only would it come with the standard bugs and glitches, there is also the lack of DLC. This would give most players a very little reason to pick the Switch version aside from the fact that it is portable. Even so, it would be difficult for fans to actually bring the game outside because of the Switch's meager battery life.

However, Bethesda's silence could also hint at something good as they might be trying to develop a specific version for the Nintendo console. Until now, there has been no specific release date for the upcoming game. Fans will just have to wait for further news regarding the Skyrim Switch edition.

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