Seven Hospitalized, 1 Dead In Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning has been blamed for the death of 18-year-old Trevor Noble in Anchorage, Alaska. Seven other family members have been hospitalized following the incident. Firefighters and police investigators say a faulty furnace system had caused carbon monoxide to build up inside the garage of the home where the victims had been living.

According to investigators, a damaged boiler had prevented the escape of carbon monoxide from the garage, leading to excessive exposure. According to Lt. John McKinnon of Anchorage Police Department, Noble was sleeping above the garage at the time he was exposed to the dangerous gas. He died in the incident but other seven persons affected by the gas were taken to hospitals for immediate treatment, CBS News reports.

No arrests whatsoever will be made following the incident

McKinnon disclosed that the police would not be making any arrests following the incident. They reason for this is because no foul play was suspected and they could see that there was no malicious intent from anyone concerning the incident. He added that the district attorney has been notified of the case and appropriate action will be taken.

Carbon monoxide was proven to be responsible for the death and hospitalizations, but the fire department is still investigating the incident to determine the extent to which the bad furnace system and the faulty garage boiler had helped the gas to build up in the home. An odorless and colorless gas, carbon monoxide could be very fatal and is released from power generators, vehicles and other machines where there is incomplete fuel combustion. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are often installed to warn families when the gas levels rise above average in the home.

Another seven hospitalized following exposure in New Philadelphia

Carbon monoxide leakage has also been blamed for the hospitalization of seven people and one puppy in Uhrichsville, south of New Philadelphia. Firefighters and the police were called to the home of the victims on Wednesday morning and tests revealed they were critically exposed to carbon monoxide. A Fido bag was used to resuscitate the little puppy with fresh oxygen supply and it is now recovered sufficiently to be fully healthy again, Cleveland 19 News wrote.

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