Ghost Recon Wildlands Live-Action Trailer Released

Ubisoft has currently released an all-new live-action trailer for their upcoming tactical shooter title Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It gives the details about the brutal acts of violence that were committed by the notorious Santa Blanca drug cartel. The footage is meant to be a TV spot anywhere down the line. But for now, fans can take a glimpse of the video online.

VG247 reported that the video that was released by Ubisoft shows that this new live-action trailer for this open world game is called Ruthless. It does not only exhibit the savagery of the Santa Barbara cartel, but it will also be showing how severe and far-reaching the crime syndicate's branches of power can go. For example, the drug outfit runs uncontrollably in Bolivia and it is shown in the Ghost Recon: Wildlands live-action trailer.

The power of this drug outfit seems to be unchecked and their members assault police officers who refused to be paid. They also beat and victimize women, while kidnapping their enemies, at the same time burning people alive in the presence of their families. Needless to say, the clip is indeed brutal.

The live-action trailer was preceded with a display of sheer savagery of the Santa Blanca cartel. Additionally, the Ghost Recon: Wildlands video has a team of Special Forces operatives that are known as Ghosts. They infiltrate the organization's crime operation, and in turn, neutralize the enemy forces. They eventually rescue those who have survived the kidnapping, according to Game Rant.

Conclusively, the trailer ends totally by reminding fans of their participation in the game's open beta which will be ending on February 27. The Ghost Recon: Wildlands' latest live-action trailer as directed by John McTiernan. He also directed the filming of the Red Dot trailer, which stars a cat. On the other hand, Ubisoft is planning to release a feature-length live action documentary as a companion piece for Ghost Recon: Wildlands.


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