‘Samurai Jack' Season 5 Reveals New Clip; A Look At Jack 50 Years Later

Cartoon Network has released an update for the upcoming new season of “Samurai Jack” and it is a sneak peek of what’s coming. The newly revealed clip showed how Jack is doing after 50 years has passed. It has been aptly titled “One vs. Many”.

The new "Samurai Jack" teaser introduces a masked samurai garbed in ironclad armor while riding a weaponized motorcycle. It heads towards a swarm of enemies, numerous giant bugs, and slaughters them in battle royale style as a stunned civilian family watches the action. The fight continues to reveal the samurai’s fighting skills, clearly adept with combat and a long melee weapon.

The clip eventually reveals that the armored samurai is Jack, who have grown a beard but remained ageless, untainted with the passage of time. The story revealed that Aku has destroyed every time portal and because of the side effects of time traveling, Jack has not aged. In the 50 years that Jack has been time-displaced, he has wandered with the curse haunting him and fought off countless enemies.

As revealed in the official trailer for “Samurai Jack” Season 5, which was released a few weeks ago, Jack’s will is put to a test as a group of female assassins pursue him. The assassins are followers of Aku and they were trained to take Jack down. The new season, which is also the final one, will have more mature elements and cohesive story to give the animated series the ending it deserves.

“Samurai Jack” ran for four seasons on Cartoon Network until it was officially stopped. An animated movie adaptation was initially planned to give a conclusion to the series but that project was not pushed through. Fortunately, Adult Swim picked up “Samurai Jack” for another season, which will feature Jack in a different concept in terms of appearances and personality. “Samurai Jack” Season 5 will premiere this March 11 and it will air 10 episodes.

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