Death Standing: Kojima Talks About Open World And How the Game Is Intuitive

A new interview with Hideo Kojima has made its way online. The game developer states that the new game that they are developing will be an open world that it will be very intuitive. Kojima states that the open world aspects of Death Stranding will give players a lot of freedom. He also teased the game’s online mode and more about the game.

When Kojima was asked to describe what kind of game Death Stranding is going to be, the game director almost instantaneously described the title as being an action game. He says that the goal of the game is to allow players to jump into the gameplay with little to no difficulty whatsoever. However, Kojima did not mean to say that the new title from Kojima Productions is going to be a walk in the park. The game will likely have a level of depth. Kojima was alluding to the fact that the game has the ability to satisfy more hardcore gamers.

Kojima further elaborated on his statement about players having freedom of choice. The director explains that players have a lot of freedom of choice to do what they want in the game such as getting in of vehicles and other activities that can be done in the game. If a player’s style is more of being a fighter, there are plenty of opportunity for that too. There is more than one way to play this game and players can play it according to their own style. Kojima also touched on the game’s online aspect. He says that the game’s online component will not be like other games. The structure for the campaign and online component will be very different from other games, as published by GameRant.

Kojima also stated that Death Stranding will not force players to go online. He says that the game can be played as a standalone without an online component. Death Stranding has no confirmed release date as of yet although it is rumored to be launched in 2018. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and not PlayStation 5 Kojima said recently. Death Stranding will be an exclusive for PS4 although it may also come to PC as published by GameSpot.

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