Jeep Offers 5-Year Warranty To All New Models, Assures Everyone Of Its Durability

Jeep has made different kinds of statements as of late about improving its customer service, not least when talking to its customers about aftermarket care. But anyone can sit there and complain, but what matters is action, which is why today, Jeep has officially launched its "There and Back Guarantee," which certainly qualifies as an action.

Jeep's All-new Warranty Offer

According to Practical Motoring, one of the biggest statements that a car company can make is on the nature of its warranty and just how claims are being handled. As of today, the MY17 and even newer Jeeps will now come with a five-year manufacturer's warranty - despite being only for 100,000km, which is a tad low for a five-year plan but still, 20,000km a year.

Other Company's Making Moves

Warranty leader, Kia, offers up to 7-years unlimited kilometers. Sibling brand, Hyundai, on the other end, offers five years, unlimited kilometers and Toyota has just announced yesterday that its C-HR would be available with five-year capped price servicing at just $195 per service.

Regardless of the comparisons, 5 years/100,000km is still better off than many other manufacturers, and now the once-standard three-year, 100,000km warranty is now looking more and more like those particular manufacturers really aren't all that confident with their products. Good on Jeep for making this move.

About Jeep's New Warranty

According to Car Advice, the new warranty that is covering all MY17 vehicles is fully transferable and even comes with five years roadside assist in matching, even if the 100,000km kilometer limit is reached first. The vehicle also doesn't need to be serviced within the Jeep dealer network during this period of time, which is probably the main concern as many car makers have caveats hidden in their fine print that in order to maintain their warranty, the vehicle must be serviced exclusively within the brand's dealer network.

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