Asus Zenfone Live: The Smartphone That Beautifies In Real Time For Streaming Live

Live-streaming is becoming more and more popular among social media users. Now that even basic smartphones can do live-streaming, virtually anyone can post a live video for the world to see. This is what Asus focuses on with its new Zenfone device. The Asus Zenfone Live may be the only smartphone that can "beautify" its subjects in real-time as the live-streaming takes place.

Asus Zenfone Live Features

If there's a single edge that the Zenfone Live has over its siblings and rivals, it would probably be its BeautyLive app that pretty much means exactly what it is called. BeautyLive automatically "beautifies" the people it captures as the live-streaming occurs. By "beautify", Asus means making the subjects' skin smoother and removing all their blemishes as well, just like what other mainstream beautifying apps can do. The only difference this app has over other beauty tools is that it does the beautification while the user live-streams, making it a perfect phone for vloggers.

Moreover, the phone's camera was also designed to capture more light and cover more scene through its larger pixels and wide-angle lens. It's also worth noting that the beautifying tool works on both the front and the back cameras of the smartphone. Additionally, aside from the beauty tool that the Zenfone Live offers, it is also able to detect and remove background noise while live-streaming a video.

Asus Zenfone Live Specs

Nevertheless, when it comes to overall specs, the Asus Zenfone Live is pretty much a midrange phone in nature. It has a modest 5-inch display, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB/32 GB storage variants. There's also a decent 2650 mAh battery on-board. The phone is said to use a Snapdragon chip. However, the specificities of the processor hasn't been shared just yet. Additionally, Android Authority says that the Zenfone Live is yet another new smartphone that doesn't run Nougat from the box. The source says that Asus' new phone will be introduced with a Marshmallow OS.

As for the availability of the Zenfone Live, Asus is yet to share the details. As of now, it's still unclear as to when the phone will be released and how affordable it will be. There are also no solid details as to whether or not the abovementioned BeautyLive app will also be available to other Android devices.

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