Sony Xperia Z For Sale In U.S., ZL Gets Price Cut

The Sony Xperia Z (HSPA+ model C6602) is now available direct to customers in the U.S.

The device is being sold for $629. Meanwhile, the North American-capable LTE device is still missing. The Sony Xperia ZL has been available for some time but has dropped in price from $759 to $629.

One advantage to the Xperia ZL is that, unlike the Xperia Z, the device does support both T-Mobile and AT&T on HSPA+ and LTE.

Other retailers offer cheaper prices for both devices. On Amazon, the Z is $599 while the ZL is $609. However, many take comfort in buying directly from Sony and it is good to see the company dropping its prices on these devices.

In other Xperia Z news, T-Mobile has been rumored to be the first carrier to carry the device. Most recently T-Mobile was said to have been testing the device, fueling the speculation. T-Mobile has listed the device as compatible with the network bands their services include. The company also listed the complete user manual for the Xperia Z in an FCC listing.

A release date for a carrier like T-Mobile, however, has not been mentioned. Sony is most certainly hoping the device does well, given its desire to gain a larger share of the smartphone market in the wake of dominant companies like Apple and Samsung. It appears most likely that Xperia Z will arrive in the near future and hit T-Mobile first in the U.S. before arriving on other carriers.

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